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Style Guide


Blender Pro
Bold; 102px/76px

H1. Aktiv Grotesk; Bold; 60px/58px;
Letter-spacing: -1; Space-after: 20px;

H2. Aktiv Grotesk; Bold; 48px/54px;
Letter-spacing: -1; Space-after: 20px;

H3. Aktiv Grotesk; Bold; 30px/36px; Letter-spacing: -1; Space-after: 18px;

H4. Aktiv Grotesk; Bold; 24px/28px;
Letter-spacing: -1; Space-after: 14px;

H5. Aktiv Grotesk; 24px/28px; Letter-spacing: -1; Space-after: 14px;

P. Aktiv Grotesk; Regular; 14px/20px;
Space-after: 10px;

Aktiv Grotesk; Regular; 11px/15px; Space-after: 8px;

#000000 *Header Only
#3174fb *Use for Highlight & Badging
#fb3131 *Used for indicating error in forms or urgent alerts

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